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LG Touch

I picked up a new phone, but was having trouble getting to connect it to any computer. The phone is great, but I was hoping to find a tool to manage the information on it - my MP3s, my pictures, etc.

Finally I found bitpim ( to manage it. The tool works great on Windows, but not so well on Linux (at least I couldn't get it to work yet). However, to get it to work on the Windows, I needed a USB / CDMA driver, which had been removed from the LG website (bad LG!). I finally found it on ( Once I installed that, I was able to get it to work with Windows XP.

While i no longer use this phone (I've since replaced it with a Droid X and Android), I'm still publishing this as the BitPim tool was a great tool for backing up contacts and my calendar. I did finally get BitPim working on Linux (under Ubuntu v11.04) and was very happy with it.