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Possible K3B Issue(s)

I recently ran into a problem where I was unable to successfully burn a DVD (Digital Video Disk) .ISO file. (NOTE: Some documentation may refer to a DVD as a Digital Versatile Disk instead of a Digital Video Disk. Both are correct. The term Digital Video Disk is more commonly used because it is the format for watching movies.) For those who may not be aware, an .ISO file is an image of a data CD (Compact Disk) or DVD.

At any point, multiple burns of the same image (.ISO) on different computers with different DVD writers all resulted in the same failure. Even though K3B reported the burn (creation of the new DVD) as successful, I was not able to use the DVD successfully in another system. I was able to verify the issue by using a program called md5sum that generates a unique identifier based upon the contents of the DVD (or files) it is checking. The MD5SUM (the number) for the original download did not match the number for the new DVD on any one of the 5 copies I created. In effect, these failures caused me to burn "coasters" (since that was all the DVDs were good for). Looking at some other websites, I was able to piece some information together. While the documentation is sporadic, and this error may be unique to creating DVDs, I found that using the following options in K3B allowed me to successfully. I added the options to the growisofs command: -use-the-force-luke=dao -dvd-compat Hopefully this will solve anyone elses issues. And as I get more information, I'll try to update this page.