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Running man From X

Running commands from a command line seems to cause fear in a lot of people. Since I spend most of my day at the command line (and I started using computers with a Command Line Interface, or CLI), that's a foreign concept for me.

Even the prospect of opening a terminal (or xterm) session just to run a single command makes some people uneasy. However, having the on-line documentation available to you can be a real asset when you ARE using a command line, or if you just want to explore the on-line manuals installed on your computer.

If you don't have man installed, you can install a variety of documentation packages using your favorite GUI (Graphical User Interface) package manager. On Ubuntu, this is Synaptic. But it could be yumex under Fedora or some other tool.

On Ubuntu, I realized that xman is installed by default. However, the interface leaves a little to be desired. It looks like something that was written in the late 1980s/1990s. And for good reason, as it was written in that time frame. (Look up when v1.0 of xman was written.) Not only that, but there are times when you can't (or don't) want to start a web browser to look up online the syntax for a particular command. In any case, looking online for the syntax or information may not help much as the version displayed online may be different than the version on the system you are using. In these cases you may st


  • gman

  • seetxt

  • khelpcenter

  • tkman

  • xman


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