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Windows Utilities

I'm frequently asked about "utilities" to help solve some computer problem. I've always defined a utility as some small (hmmm...another relative term) piece of software to help accomplish a task. Usually the size is on the order of less than a floppy (the old 5 1/4" 360K floppy disks) but with changes in software and the use of graphical components, I've considered it a little larger. I guess I would have to describe them as something outside the normal realm of major busuiness class software (even though anti-virus and Spyware removal apply here as well!).

Anyway, here is a list of some of the utilities that I use when I work on other people's computers. Of course, all of these are FREE except for the cost of downloading them. Please review the most current version of the license in case it has changed.

  • 7 Zip (Archiver for .ZIP, .GZ, and LOTS of others) - Download
  • Ad Aware (Spyware removal) - Download
  • AVG (Now GriSoft) Anti-Virus (Free for Non-commercial use) - Download
  • Context (Text Editor) - Download
  • Cygwin (Unix Environment under DOS/Windows) - Download
  • MeSoft Commander (File Management Utility) - Download
  • Mozilla Suite (Web Browser / Web Page Editor) - Download
  • Mozilla Seamonkey Suite - Download
  • Mozilla Firefox (Web Browser) - Download
  • Mozilla Thunderbird (e-Mail Software - replaces Outlook) - Download
  • Ptty (Terminal Program) - Download
  • VNC (Windowing Remote Desktop) - Download

NOTE: Clicking on any of these links leaves my site. I am NOT responsible for the content or availabilty of these links.

Updated 29 April 2010 with current links. Removed Mozilla Suite and replaced with Seamonkey Suite.