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Installation of Freesco Packages

It’s really not tough, but I always seem to forget how to install a package to Freesco. Just use the following command from the freesco command line (remember you must be root to do this)

pkg -i pathname

Pathname would be the location of the package, usually in http: format.

For instance, the installation of the Dinjite’s Utils package for 0.3.x would be:

pkg -i

There are a lot of add-on packages you can add to extend the functionality of FreeSCO. ONe source of additional packages can be found at which links to a variety of sources. You may also find other packages linked in various forums in the Freesco support forums (

NOTE: This package (the Dingetje's Utils package) is not listed with the normal packages in the Freescosoft web site. The only reference I found was in the Support Forums ( Feel free to explore for other packages that meet your needs.